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SPE 2007 Board Nominations

William M. Cobb, President of William M. Cobb & Assocs. Inc., is the nominee for 2008 SPE President. He heads the slate of SPE members recommended by the Society’s Nominating Committee and Board of Directors for SPE board positions.

If elected, Cobb would take office as SPE President-Elect in September of this year and become SPE President in November 2007. The other nominees, if elected, would begin 3-year terms as directors at the close of the Society’s Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition in September 2006.

2008 SPE President

William M. Cobb is President of William M. Cobb & Assocs. Inc., a petroleum consulting firm based in Dallas that specializes in waterflooding, fluid injection, field studies, reserves evaluation and certification, and reservoir management. Cobb founded the company in 1983. Before that, he was Vice President and Manager of Engineering for Cornell Oil Co. in Dallas during 1979–83 and was a staff research engineer and senior analytical and operations engineer for Atlantic Richfield Co. Cobb also taught reservoir engineering at Mississippi State U., where he now serves on the Dean’s Development Council. He is currently an adjunct professor of petroleum engineering at Texas A&M U.

Cobb is 2006 SPE Vice President–Finance and a member of the SPE Board of Directors. He has served on many SPE committees, including the Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition Program Committee, Editorial Review Committee, Distinguished Author Series Committee, Engineering Registration Committee, and several awards committees. He chaired the Board task force that recommended opening an SPE office in the Middle East and was an SPE Distinguished Lecturer in 1995. In 1999, he received the SPE Reservoir Engineering Award.

Cobb has served in numerous leadership positions at the section level, including Program Chairperson and General Chairperson for the SPE Hydrocarbon Economics and Evaluation Symposium sponsored by the SPE Dallas Section. In addition to publishing numerous technical papers, he has made more than 50 technical presentations to SPE sections throughout the world. He earned BS and MS degrees from Mississippi State U. and a PhD degree from Stanford U., all in petroleum engineering.

SPE Vice President–Finance

Behrooz Fattahi is a Heavy Oil Development Project Coordinator at Aera Energy, a joint venture of Shell and ExxonMobil. He began his industry career in 1977 at Oil Service Co. of Iran (OSCO)/Shell and has worked as a reservoir engineer, reservoir engineering manager, and team leader for OSCO/Shell, CalResources, Shell Offshore, and Shell Western. Before he joined the petroleum industry, Fattahi conducted research for the U.S. Natl. Aeronautics and Space Admin. and the U.S. Natl. Science Foundation, and taught courses in fluid dynamics and solid mechanics at Iowa State U.

Fattahi currently is SPE Director, Western North America Region, and serves as a Review Chairperson for SPE Reservoir Evaluation & Engineering. In addition, he was Chairperson of the SPE Continuing Education Committee (1999–2001), a member of the Editorial Review Committee (1995–2000), and a member of the SPE President’s Learning Initiatives Task Force (2002) as well as Chairperson of the SPE San Joaquin Valley Section (2001–2002). He is a member of the Petroleum Technology Transfer Council’s Producers Advisory Group and a former Chairperson of the Greater Bakersfield (California) Chamber of Commerce Energy Committee. Fattahi earned PhD degrees in aerospace engineering and mechanical engineering from Iowa State U.

Director, Middle East Region

Ali H. Al-Hasan is a reservoir engineer with Saudi Aramco, responsible for building dynamic models for the company’s oil fields in Saudi Arabia. Prior to his current position, Al-Hasan worked in reservoir management at the Ghawar oil field and has experience in well log analysis and gas production engineering. In 2004, Al-Hasan coordinated the first simulation technology workshop sponsored by Saudi Aramco.

Al-Hasan is the current Chairperson of the SPE Middle East Council, which was established after the opening of SPE’s Middle East Office in Dubai. He received the SPE Regional Service Award in 2002. Additional contributions to SPE include representing the Middle East Region on SPE’s Distinguished Lecturer Committee; serving on the 2005 SPE Middle East Oil Show Program Committee, which led to recognition by Bahrain Petroleum Co. for his outstanding work on the committee; and serving as Chairperson of the SPE Reservoir Engineering Award Committee in 2002. He has held several positions in the SPE Saudi Arabia Section, including Secretary, Treasurer, Program Chairperson, Chairperson, and section board Director. He received the King Fahd U. Student Chapter Award in 1998, 1999, and 2005 for his outstanding support of the chapter’s activities. Al-Hasan earned a BS degree in petroleum engineering from the U. of Tulsa.

Director, Africa Region

Emmanuel O. Egbogah is founder and Executive Chairman of Emerald Energy Resources Ltd. He has more than 35 years of geological and petroleum engineering experience in consulting, teaching, research and development, project planning, implementation, and management in Canada, the U.S., North Sea, Africa, Middle East, and the Asia Pacific region. Egbogah is an authority in the fields of petroleum policy and strategy, improved/enhanced oil recovery, field development planning, and reservoir management.

Before forming Emerald Energy, Egbogah was Vice President, Intl. Production, for Niko Resources Ltd. of Calgary; Technical Adviser and Technology Custodian for Malaysian national oil company Petronas; Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Adviser for Libya’s Natl. Oil Co.; Petroleum Engineering Manager and EOR Specialist for Amerigo Intl. in Calgary and Houston; and Senior Vice President, Engineering, with Applied Geosciences and Technology Consultants Ltd., Calgary.

The author or coauthor of 71 technical publications, Egbogah was named an SPE Distinguished Member in 1995 and received the 1998 SPE Asia Pacific Regional Service Award and the 1999 SPE Nigeria Council Millennium Award. He served on program committees for several SPE Asia Pacific Oil & Gas Conferences.  He has been active in the SPE Forum Series, serving on several steering committees, and chairing the committee for the 1995 SPE Forum Series on ”Challenges in Gas Reservoir Management.“ In addition, Egbogah has been a reviewer for the Journal of Petroleum Technology and a member of the SPE Speakers Bureau and SPE Cedric K. Ferguson Medal Committee. Egbogah earned an MS degree in applied petroleum geology from Friendship U. in Moscow, an MS degree in petroleum engineering from the U. of Alberta, and a PhD degree in petroleum reservoir engineering from Imperial College, London.

Director, Gulf Coast North America Region

C. Susan Howes is Manager of Employment for Anadarko Petroleum Corp.  She has worked for 23 years in Anadarko’s Denver and Houston offices in various positions, including recruitment and training, business development, and reservoir engineering.

Howes is past Chairperson of SPE’s Gulf Coast Section. She received the SPE Distinguished Service Award in 2005, SPE Distinguished Member Award in 2003, and SPE Young Member Outstanding Service Award in 1997. She has played a leadership role in several key SPE initiatives, including the section’s Emerging Leaders Program, high school recruiting fairs, and the AAPG/GSA/SEG/SPE Virtual Student Expo. Howes has served on the SPE Membership Committee and is a current member of the SPE Monograph Committee. She has been on the Montana Tech Petroleum Engineering Industry Advisory Board since 2003. Howes graduated cum laude with a BS degree in petroleum engineering from the U. of Texas at Austin.

Director, Western North America Region

Medhat M. Kamal is a research consultant with Chevron Energy Technology Co. in San Ramon, California. He has more than 30 years of experience in well testing, reservoir description, and production and reservoir engineering and has published numerous papers on these subjects.

Kamal has been an active member of SPE for 35 years. He helped found the SPE Golden Gate Student Chapter at Stanford U. and has been active throughout his career in the SPE Mid-Continent Section in Tulsa, Gulf Coast Section in Houston, Dallas Section, and Golden Gate Section in San Francisco.

In addition to his section activities, Kamal’s participation in Societywide programs has been extensive. He has chaired the Monograph and Textbook committees, the SPE Cultural Diversity Committee, and several SPE Applied Technology Workshop and Forum steering committees.  Kamal was Executive Editor of SPE Reservoir Evaluation & Engineering during 2000–03 and a Distinguished Lecturer in 1997–98. He received the 1977 Cedric K. Ferguson Medal; the North, East, and Central Texas 1998 Regional Service Award; and the 2004 Formation Evaluation and Distinguished Service awards. Kamal is the current Chairperson of the SPE R&D Advisory Committee and the program committee for the 2007 SPE R&D Conference. Kamal earned a BS degree from Cairo U. and MS and PhD degrees from Stanford U., all in petroleum engineering.

Director, Northeast North America Region

George J. Koperna Jr. is a project manager with Advanced Resources Intl. Inc. He has more than 10 years of experience in the North American and international oil and gas industry, with emphasis on unconventional resources and the use of carbon dioxide for both enhanced recovery and sequestration. As a senior reservoir engineer, Koperna has been responsible for leading multidisciplinary reservoir-description efforts to improve the understanding of complex reservoirs.  Before his current position, he worked in the U.S. Dept. of Energy Fossil Energy Div. and with BDM Federal Inc.

Koperna was a member of the program committee for the 1999 Applied Technology Workshop on ”Caspian Oil and Gas: Critical Issues“ and currently is a member of the SPE Distinguished Lecturer Committee.  He earned BS and MS degrees in petroleum and natural gas engineering from West Virginia U.

Technical Director — Production and Operations

James Pappas is a senior engineering adviser and the Global New Technology Coordinator at Devon Energy Corp. in Houston. He has more than 25 years of experience in production engineering and field operations, as well as reservoir, drilling, completions, and facilities work in the U.S. and offshore Brazil and west Africa. Pappas has been involved in SPE for more than 25 years and has served in numerous section capacities and on several section boards, including as Gulf Coast Section Chairperson. He is a member of the SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition program committee and the SPE Gulf Coast Section Publicity Committee. In 2005, he was awarded both the Gulf Coast Section Service Award and the SPE Gulf Coast Regional Service Award. The author of more than 20 papers and a contributor to numerous conferences and forums, Pappas earned a BS degree in chemical engineering and a BA degree in chemistry from the U. of Texas at Austin and an MBA degree with highest honors from the U. of Texas at Tyler.

Technical Director — Reservoir Description and Dynamics

Alberto Sampaio de Almeida is General Manager for Reserves and Reservoirs at Petrobras in Rio de Janeiro. He has held several posts at Petrobras, including head of the Reservoir Engineering and Mathematical Simulation Section at the Petrobras Research Center, head of the Reservoir Geology and Engineering Div. at the Petrobras Research Center, and Technical Support Manager for Petrobras’ E&P Business Unit.

Sampaio has been an active member of SPE since 1984 and has served in several positions with the SPE Brazil Section, including Chairperson, Membership Officer, Activity Program Officer, and Industrial Relations Officer. He chaired the steering committee for the 2000 SPE Forum Series on field reactivation. Sampaio has been a lecturer at several Brazilian universities and has made numerous presentations at petroleum industry conferences. Sampaio earned a degree in civil engineering from Federal U. of Rio de Janeiro and an MS degree in petroleum engineering and PhD degree in applied Earth sciences from Stanford U. He also earned an MBA degree from Getulio Vargas Foundation–Rio de Janeiro.

How SPE Officers and Directors Are Elected

The 27-member SPE Board of Directors is the policy-making entity for the entire Society and is reflective of its geographical and technical diversity. The Society annually seeks nominations from its members for board positions of members whose terms will be ending. Regional and Technical nominating committees make recommendations to the Society-level SPE Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee, chaired by the immediate past president and made up of officers and directors whose terms are expiring and three at-large members, meets in late January to make recommendations for the available positions to the SPE Board of Directors.

The Board approved this year’s slate of candidates at its March meeting in Beijing.  The SPE Constitution provides for nominees to stand as elected unless SPE members nominate additional candidates by 1 June. Additional nominations require a petition from at least 1% of SPE membership or, for Regional Director nominees, 1% of the region’s membership (with no more than 75% of the petitioners from any one section). The Constitution also specifies provisions for a ballot election if any qualified petitions are received by 1 June.

Members of this year’s Nominating Committee were: Giovanni Paccaloni, Chair, 2005 SPE President, Eni Exploration & Production; William M. Cobb, Vice President–Finance, William M. Cobb & Assocs.; Alex Neyin, Director, Africa Region, Addax Petroleum Development Ltd.; Janeen Judah, Director, Gulf Coast North America Region, Chevron Energy Technology Co.; Ali Al-Jarwan, Director, Middle East Region, Zakum Development Co.; Rick Smith, Director, Northeastern North America Region, Halliburton Energy Services Group; Behrooz Fattahi, Director, Western North America Region, Aera Energy LLC; Ian Gorman, Technical Director–Production and Operations, BHP Petroleum Pty. Ltd.; Ganesh Thakur, Technical Director–Reservoir Description and Dynamics, Chevron Energy Technology Co.; and Eve Sprunt, 2006 SPE President, Chevron Technology Ventures.

At-large members were: Ramona Graves, Professor, Colorado School of Mines; Steve Holditch, Professor and Petroleum Engineering Dept. Head, Texas A&M U.; and Toni Marszalek, Schlumberger Italiana. Representing the SPE staff was SPE Executive Director Mark Rubin.

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